Hi, I’m Christen. I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer, illustrator and animator based in Edmonton, Alberta. I keep pretty busy doing a little of everything, from shooting and editing videos, to designing websites, animating for 2D and motion graphics, and even a little illustration.

My Background

Originally from Vancouver, BC, I moved to Alberta to live with my amazing husband and our adorable cat. My background is in fine art, where I learned to draw and paint before I decided to study the applied arts. I’m a graduate of Radio & Television Applied Arts from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and spent my first 2 years in the industry as a Television Graphic Artist for Global News.

Fun Facts about Me

I work part-time at large-venue events (concerts, sports and theatre) as a stagehand, and I was the live camera operator for the Korn and Buck Cherry concerts. I’ve been behind the scenes at some of the biggest concerts in the city: Beyonce, U2, Bieber, ACDC…and I have a massive collection of crew t-shirts piling up in my closet.

I enjoy painting and illustrating in my free time, and I’ve recently opened an online shop to sell my art prints and t-shirt designs. It’s still a work in progress, but you can check it out here.

Areas of Expertise

I’m passionate about developing compelling content in:

  • Graphic Design – For web, digital and print; websites, logos, infographics, branding, and business cards…
  • Animation – I’ve designed motion graphics and 2D animations for television, commercials, and e-learning.
  • Video Production – I film and edit in high resolution and digital video for television, corporate, and also large-venue events such as concerts, sports and theatre.
  • E-learning – programs and visual game design for organization such as Enbridge and ACSA.


I’m always looking for new and exciting projects, so let’s touch base if there’s something I can do for you.